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Top: Intermediate trim bangs

Color: White

Brand & Series: BJC Series CORAL

Reference: 21600

Construction: Insulating built autoestinguishing UREA thermosetting resin, ensuring durability and safety of plates, keys and snacks. Mechanisms of disruption silver contacts provided high purity and new generation automatic connectors. Socket outlets with the ease and speed of the system STAI, open safety pin screw system.

Range of colors available:

Keys, covers and frames: White, Beige, Gold Pearl, Lava Grey, Shadow Grey and Silver Moon.

Visors: White, Beige, Bright Nickel, Matt Nickel, Gold Glitter, Gold Matte, Yellow Wheat, Brown Reflex, Black Magic and Red Murano.




BJC CORAL Composición de mecanismo


BJC CORAL Composición de enchufe


For the composition of a complete mechanism must select a color intermediate bangs you want for each element of the framework, ie: 
  • For a frame member 1 1 Intermediate bangs need. 
  • For a frame of 2 items needed 2 intermediate visors. 
  • For a frame of 3 items need three intermediate visors. 
  • For a frame of 4 items needed 4 Interim visors. 
Take advantage of the wide range of colors offered by the BJC series CORAL dowry and color your project!!!

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