Minichannel 2 feet long White 20x10 mm

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Trunking in bar 2 meters long and color measures 20x10 mm White.

Built according to the UNE-EN 50085-2-1 and REBT.

Specially designed to distribute and cover cables, thus improving the aesthetics and skirting walls. Gutters play a dual role, because, on one hand, allow cable management through a system that is integrated into the decor of any room in the house. On the other hand, provide security because using them prevents the cables are loose.

Measurement Selection

It is recommended that the size is 20% higher than the cables that want to introduce her to avoid being too tight against each other. Remember that all our trunkings are supplied in bars 2 meters long.


Due to shipping, the minimum quantity you can order from this reference is 18 meters, that is, 9 bars of 2 meters. All amounts greater than this are allowed.


The price corresponds with a bar of 2 meters


The discount applied to the PVP is -60%

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