Phone LOFT 4 + N Universal electronic door entry

Phone LOFT 4 + N Universal electronic door entry

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Phone LOFT 4+N Universal for door phone that enables communication with outdoor panel and door opening.

Manufactured in compliance with the standards EN61000-6-1: 2007 and EN61000-6-3: 2007.

The LOFT telephone is made of high impact ABS with a textured finish for easy cleaning and ultraviolet protection for greater resistance to light. A new concept phone housing with an integrated, according to new trends and lifestyles, simple and functional, combining quality and design. Its purity of line, technology and performance make this equipment an elegant and perfect element for any home.

Recommended in buildings of small / medium size (up to 50 residents approx.), With several accesses and central guard or residential complexes with general entrance and interior blocks, this phone uses wires common to the whole installation plus 1 call wire (or return call) per household.

Wiring: 4 common wires + N (1 call wire per home).
Maximum distance in the installation based on the cable section used (see technical manuals)


Technical Specifications.

  • Includes volume control potentiometers in both directions, setting device for electronic call or buzzer and common setting device for separate mass or masses.
  • It features: Button openers and unit call, call volume adjustment and control on / off
  • You can replace most standard phones from other brands, both as an electronic buzzer call. Also Fermax older models.
  • Match Universal Telephone connections with corresponding phone to replace as the equivalence table that came with the computer.
  • The terminal incorporates a magnet in the earpiece area that ensures the arm is well fitted and fixed to the base, this prevents the arm from falling when hanging damaging the wall and also avoids faults caused in the installation by being badly hung .
  • Screw-on surface.
  • Power supply: Audio: 12 Vac - Video: 18 Vdc


Reference. FERMAX LOFT 4 + N Universal 3399


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