Fermax door entry Kit 3 lines

Fermax door entry Kit 3 lines

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Door Phone Kit 3 line 4 + N CITY FERMAX with all necessary for a complete installation of door entry system, panel and flush box, DIN power supply 12Vac / 1.5A (ref.4800) and 3 phones LOFT materials .

Manufactured in compliance with the standards EN61000-6-1: 2007, EN61000-6-3: 2007, EN60065: 2002, EN60065: 2002 / A1: 2006.

This electronic door Cityline incorporates the plate, the plate more elegant, robust and durable goalkeeper. Made of extruded aluminum profile, is designed for your beauty and qualities remain unchanged over time.

It features a sturdy front made of aluminum and zamak, zamak buttons tight beats 100,000 guaranteed within 48 hours (IP 66), card illuminated by LEDs, low energy and high power amplifier with microphone of the highest quality with ability to regulate the volume according to ambient noise, plus an electronic prepared to go without problems inclement weather.

As for the phone LOFT is a phone made of high impact ABS with a textured finish for easy cleaning and ultraviolet protection for greater resistance to light. A new concept phone housing with an integrated, according to new trends and lifestyles, simple and functional, combining quality and design. Its purity of line, technology and performance make this equipment an elegant and perfect element for any home.


Electric Entry Kit CITY FERMAX 4 + N 3 line includes:

Fermax 4846. Plate CITYLINE 4 + N 4AP103 and recessed box included ref.8949.
Installed in the accesses to the building, they enable communication with homes, opening the door unit call, etc...
Street Sign S4: 130 (H) x199 (V) mm.
Recessed housing S4: 115 (H) x185 (V) x45 (D) mm.
3393. Phone Fermax LOFT BASIC 4 + N (3 units).
Audio Terminal. Installed in homes, enables communication with outdoor panel and door opening.
Fermax 4800. Feeder 12Vac / 1.5A DIN4.
It is used to power the different equipment in a Fermax installation.
Built in self-extinguishing VO material.


Reference. CITY 4+N FERMAX 4863


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