LED tube 60 cm - Direct Replacement 9W Cold light 6000K

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T8 LED tube 60cm long (equivalent to standard 18W) with G13 socket and 9W 230V - 900 Lm power cold light 6000K.

The main feature of this new generation of LED Tube is the possibility of direct substitution without installation of any kind by a conventional fluorescent tube using a magnetic ballast, with other significant improvements in its technology, as a total opening angle of 360 ° or a very high color index> 80 playback.

A suitable replacement for conventional fluorescent tube LED Tube, a savings of up to 80% in electricity consumption and extreme durability of 40,000 hours of life. This kind of LED tubes are ideal for home lighting, supermarkets, shopping centers, parking indoor and outdoor, cold rooms, offices, warehouses, etc...

Technical characteristics:

Power: 9 W
Lumens: 900 Lm
Light Tone: 6000K cold light
Color rendering index:> 80
Voltage: 230 V
Base: G13
Opening Angle: 360º
Diffuser: Opal
Durability: 40.000 hours of life
Dimensions: 60 cm in length (equivalent standard 18W)

Options for the proper installation of this type of LED Tubes

1. Direct installation without replacement.

This kind of LED tube allows direct replacement for conventional fluorescent tube provided the ballast is magnetic, the steps are:

Step 1: Disconnect the power and remove the conventional fluorescent tube.
Step 2: Unscrew and remove the conventional primer.
Step 3: Place the new primer that we included in the pack and the new LED tube.
Step 4: Reconnect the power.


2. Installation with connection at one end.

Another option is to install canceling reactance, it does not matter whether magnetic or electronic wiring and connection at one end, in this case the steps are:

Step 1: Disconnect the power and remove the conventional fluorescent tube.
Step 2: Unscrew and remove the choke, then disconnect the cables from the ballast.
In this step we canceled the starter and ballast (spare of 3-8 W consumption).
Step 3: Connect the phase (L) and neutral (N) to one end of the tube.
Place the new LED tube and reconnect the power.



With this type of LED Tubes latest technology and low power consumption, not just get savings up to 80% on the electricity bill, but we are an ecological alternative of high quality and wide possibilities in the field of decoration and design. 

The main advantages of this type of LED technology would emphasize: 

  • Very low consumption. 
  • A high power and very light feeling. 
  • The power is immediate and instantaneous. 
  • High efficiency and high durability. 
  • Savings in electricity bill up to 80%. 
  • No heat. 
  • They do not contain harmful substances. 
  • They are very easy to install. 

Moreover, LED technology reproduces colors with much more fidelity than other conventional light sources, making it the ideal solution for any decorative lighting project both in business and at home.

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