Grey Rigid PVC tube 16 mm sleeve

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Rigid PVC tube 16 mm plugs, sleeve included, and Grey Armored, suitable for ordinary surface pipes fixed.


  • Built according to UNE-EN 61386-21.
  • Compressive strength:> 1250 N.
  • Impact resistance:> 2J at -5 ° C.
  • Minimum and maximum temperature of use: -5 + 60ºC.
  • Rigid (hot bendable).
  • Dielectric Strength:> 2000 V.
  • Insulation Resistance:> 100 MOhm.
  • External influences: IP54.
  • It is not a flame propagator.
  • RAL gray color. 7035

The tubes are supplied in 3 meter bars, with each tube supplied with a plug-in sleeve at no charge to be able to join two or more tubes.

* Due to its size, this product can only be shipped to mainland Spain and Portugal.

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