Recessed electrical box 30 elem. + ICP white door

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Recessed electrical box for distribution switchgear up to 30 elements + ICP 1 to 4 items and up to 63A in white and reversible door with frame included.

Built according to the UNE EN 62208 and UNE 201003.

A switchboard for distribution switchgear with a current elegant design to manufacture and ideal for home and professional use.

Technical features:

  • Solid door in white Not transparent.
  • Marco and reversible door in white, with the possibility of opening the door for both sides.
  • Box intended for use within a domestic or similar enclosure.
  • Designed with a larger space in the compartment of distribution.
  • DIN separated from the bottom of the box to facilitate passage of cables below.
  • Degree of protection against ingress of solid objects and liquids IP40.
  • Degree of protection against impacts: IK07.
  • Material: Thermoplastic HALOGEN FREE.
  • Fire resistance: incandescent wire at 650ºC.
  • Maximum working current ICP: 63 A
  • ICP Presintable: Yes
  • External dimensions (width x height x depth): 360x528x86 mm



In the picture the two models are shown, the model with white door and door model with smoke. The box model to be supplied will always be the Opaque White Door and no smoke or clear.


Reference. SOLERA ARELOS series 5430 (Puerta Opaque White)


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