Focus type CARDAN of 2 LED COB of 2x5W day light 4200K

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CARDAN LED spotlight for embedded installation, in color White of 2 spotlights of 5W - 400 Lm each and a total of 10W - 800 Lm of power in day light 4200K.

These compact lights with the latest LED technology are the ideal solution for professional and decorative lighting both in homes and offices or businesses, benefiting from a modernization of the room to be illuminated, as well as all the advantages of the highest led technology.

A luminaire of high luminous efficiency that, besides being the best option to illuminate and modernize the room in which it is decided to place, it contributes a savings of up to 80% in the invoice of the light and an extreme durability of 30,000 hours of life .

Technical characteristics:

Power: 10 W (2x5W)
Lumens: 800 Lm (2x400 Lm)
Light Tone: 4200K DayLight
Voltage: AC 100-240 V
Finish: White
Material: Aluminum
Opening Angle: 87º
Color rendering index: CRI >80
Protection: IP20
Durability: 30,000 hours of life
Dimensions: 175x90x45 mm
Bore: 155x80 mm

With this type of LED Bulbs latest technology and low power consumption, not just get savings up to 80% on the electricity bill, but we are an ecological alternative of high quality and wide possibilities in the field of decoration and design.

The main advantages of this type of LED technology would emphasize: 

  • Very low consumption.
  • A high power and very light feeling. 
  • The power is immediate and instantaneous. 
  • High efficiency and high durability. 
  • Savings in electricity bill up to 80%. 
  • No heat. 
  • They do not contain harmful substances. 
  • They are very easy to install. 

Moreover, LED technology reproduces colors with much more fidelity than other conventional light sources, making it the ideal solution for any decorative lighting project both in business and at home.

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