Single-phase energy meter 30A

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Phase energy meter 30A for installation on DIN rail and control electricity consumption.

An ideal place to measure, with precision, energy and electricity consumption in plots campgrounds, marinas, parts of housing, rental housing counter etc. It can also be applied in machinery and energy control of individual loads in industrial installations.

This counter meets the technical requirements for single phase meters and has been built in compliance with IEC 61036.

Technical data:

  • Number of modules: 1 module (DIN rail installation)
  • Amperage: 5-30 A
  • Nominal voltage (Un): 230V AC
  • Voltage: 161-300V AC
  • AC current withstand: 2KV per minute
  • Current supported shock: 1'2 Waves 6KV-S
  • Basic current (Ib): 5A
  • maximum rated current (Imax): 32A
  • Operating current range: 0.25A-32A
  • Overvoltage supported: 960A for 0.01s
  • Operating frequency range: 50Hz ± 10%
  • Internal power consumption: <= 2W / 10VA
  • Indic emission test (red LED): 2000 pulses per kWh (0'5Wh / imp)
  • Pulse emission rate (Pins 20 and 21): 2000 pulses per kWh (0'5Wh / imp)
  • Power supply indicator (green LED): The counter starts and runs well
  • Consumption indicator (red LED): Flashes when the load is running out
  • data display mode: 7 + 1 digits in the LCD
  • Data storage: Data can be stored for more than twenty years when disconnected.


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