Regulatory Pastilla 500 W for buttons

Regulatory Pastilla 500 W for buttons

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A Dimmer in pill format 15-500W to install any model push the market, without needing to change the model of mechanisms of housing or stay illuminated.

It has minimal lighting function and memory last power off and on further progressive.

In pill and easy installation in conduit boxes or boxes of standardized registration, printing on the front of the product format is the installation diagram.

It is suitable for incandescent and halogen saving energy and prolonging lamp life lamps getting a warm atmosphere in the room to be illuminated.


  • Short press: Turns on or off with an elegant progressively ramp.
  • Sustained press: Adjusts the brightness from minimum to maximum and vice versa if the pulse stops.
  • Sustained pulsation with the lights off: Turns progressively from the minimum.

Among its features we have to memorize the last power and has an on and off progressive prolonging lamp life.


  • Load capacity: R and L
  • Food: 110-240 v ac 50 Hz With recognition of voltage and frequency
  • Filament power: 35W to 800W maximum From
  • Power grid directly halogen: 35W to 500W maximum From
  • Power halogen with transformer. mail: From 35W to 500W maximum
  • Power halogen with transformer. ferromagnetic: From 35W to 400W maximum
  • Neon Switches: Up to 5 neons
  • Switches with LED: Up to 5 LED
  • Protections: Thermal fuse, erroneous liaison
  • Savings: A minimum brightness up to 75%
  • Dimensions: 47x47x14 mm





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