Super Immunized mA differential 2x40x30 | CHINT

Super Immunized mA differential 2x40x30 | CHINT

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Superimmunized class A differential switch (Si) 2 pole, 40 amps, 30 milliamps (2Px40Ax30mA) in 2 modules. Suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial use.


  • Built according to the UNE-EN61008-1 standard and RoHS compliance
  • Breaking capacity 6 kA (6.000A)
  • Rated operational voltage AC 230 V
  • Test button "Test"

The differential superinmunizados high fracuencias incorporate filters that prevent unwanted tripping in the presence of non lneales charges (e) and an energy storage circuit against false alarms caused by transients.

A product of CHINT Electric, third international manufacturer of low-voltage electrical equipment with more than 10,000 references and solutions for projects in the domestic, commercial and industrial sector.


Reference. CHINT NL1-2-40-30ASi


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