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Mechanism: 1 Window Frame in White.

Brand & Series: ZENIT NIESSEN Series

Reference: N2271BL

Technical Data: Dimensions: 85 x 85 mm. Need frame ref. N2271.9 for coupling mechanisms.

Construction: Designed for a more comfortable, safe and work much faster with minimal effort and manipulated. All cable entries are located in the rear for easy connection and not have to bend. The screw terminals are all done from above, in the most visible and comfortable for the installer position. The mechanisms have a minimum depth, leaving more space for the connections in the box. The keys are securely fastened to avoid balancing problems and achieving a minimum clearance between the frame and the key. The frames, in all sizes, can be placed either horizontally or vertically. 

Made of high quality material and recyclable, the ZENIT series is the first brand in the industry to gain accreditation Ecodesign.

Range of colors available:

Keys and caps: White, Anthracite and Silver. 

Frames: White, Anthracite, Silver, Cava, Slate, Stainless Steel, Wenge, White and Black Crystal Glass.


Example Compositions:

Composicion Zenit

This product corresponds to a part of the Zenit series NIESSEN for a complete switch would need to add to your order the following items:

  • The Frame. 
  • La toma con su tapa o tecla que deseemos (enchufe, interruptor, conmutador, etc...) en alguno de los colores disponibles en la serie Zenit de Niessen.

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