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Section: 1x2,5 mm (0,6 / 1kV voltage)
Cover Color: Orange
Technical Description: SZ1-K (AS+)  |  FIRE RESISTANT
Insulation: Mica tape, XLPE and polyolefin halogen free
Fire resistance: 180 minutes at 950º C  UNE EN 50200
Built to standards: UNE-EN 60332-1, UNE-EN 60332-3, UNE-EN 50267-1, UNE-EN 50267-2, UNE-EN 61034, UNE-EN 50200, UNE-EN 50363 y AENOR


This cable, fire resistant and halogen free, is specially designed to transmit electric power in the extreme conditions presented in a fire, assuring supply to emergency equipment, such as signal lighting, exhaust fumes, audible alarms, etc.

In case of fire do not emit toxic or corrosive gases, thereby protecting public health and preventing possible damage to electronic equipment. For this reason, its use is recommended for emergency circuits in public places.

To stay competitive in the price of the cables, the brand may change depending on the price of each manufacturer, being always a first mark.


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