Multi Cable FTP CAT-5 E

Multi Cable FTP CAT-5 E

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Type: FTP CAT-5 E improved
Fracuencia: Up to 125 Mhz
Transmission: Up to 100 Mbts
Built to standards: ISO / IEC 11801:1.995 (E), EIA / TIA - 568-A, EN 50.173, IEC 189-1 (test methods).

A cable specially designed for the transmission of data, voice and image in LAN.


  • Impedance average characteristic (1-123 MHz) 100 ohm +/- 10
  • 170 ohm / km loop resistance
  • 800 nsec / km propagation delay and group delay
  • Maximum at 100MHz 200 nsec / km

To stay competitive in the price of the cables, the brand may change depending on the price of each manufacturer, being always a first mark.


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